444 Club

The Endless Mountains Heritage Region would like to recognize anyone who has paddled the entire 444 miles of the Susquehanna River Water Trail from Cooperstown, NY, to Havre de Grace, MD at the Chesapeake Bay, by inviting those individuals to become members of the 444 Club.

The program operates on an honor system, assuming that those who apply for 444 Club membership have paddled the entire Susquehanna River Water Trails between Cooperstown and Havre de Grace either as a thru-paddler within the year, or in sections over time. Issues of sequence, speed, length of time, or boat type are not considered. When applying for your 444 Club certificate, the EMHR will request any and all documentation or recordings of your paddling adventure including log books, photos or mapping. The EMHR assumes that those who apply for 444 Club membership have made an honest effort to paddle the entire length of the water trail.

Current members of the 444 Club include:

Ail Wilson

Barbra Rominansky

Bill Gibson                                                         

Charlie Anderson                                            

Chuck Haupt                                                      

Cindy Adams-Dunn                                        

Dana Rockwell                                                  

Daniel Rish

David Buck                                                         

David Estep                                                       

Don Jacobs

Doug Wilson

Douglas Brubaker                                           

Edwards Hickory                                              

Gordon Southard                                            

Jack Davis

James Twigg

Jason Boatman

Jesse Ergott                                                       

Jim Wellington

Joan Cashin                                                        

Joseph Fischer

Judith Lorincz                                                    

Katie Faull

Kim Carpenter                                                  

Lance Kittleson

Lawrence Dusek

Lynn Mailhak

Mark Besic

Marty Walzer

Merrilyn Pierce

Michael Warren                                               

Mike Lovegreen

Nicholas Holt                                                     

Randy Marks                                                     

Richard Fitzsimmons                                      

Rick Shumaker                                                 

Sam Elias

Scott Arnold

Sean Breckenridge

Steven Marks                                                   

Sue Goodard

Taylor Anspach

Terry Fischer

Tina Champluvier                                            

Tom Babcock

William Snyder                                                


If you’ve paddled the Susquehanna River Water Trail from start to finish, please complete the application below and receive your certificate!

Online 444 Club Application

Print 444 Club Application

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