444 Club

The Susquehanna River 444 Club would like to recognize anyone who has paddled the entire 444 miles of the Susquehanna River Water Trail (SRWT), from Cooperstown, NY, to Havre de Grace, MD, by inviting those individuals to become members of the 444 Club.

The policy is to operate on an honor system, assuming that those who apply for 444 Club membership have paddled the entire Susquehanna River Water Trails between Cooperstown and Havre de Grace either as a thru-paddler within the year, or in sections over time. Issues of sequence, speed, length of time, or boat type are not considered. The 444 Club assumes that those who apply have made an honest effort to paddle the length of the trails.

If you meet these standards, please complete the application below:

Online 444 Club Application

Print 444 Club Application

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